We Ain’t Bluffing

Things you probably didn’t know about Bluff!

(information guaranteed to win you a bet at the pub)

Bluff is approximately 400 km CLOSER to the Equator than any part of the UK!

While Bluff lies at a latitude of around 46° south of the Equator, Lands End in the UK has a latitude of  51° north! Each degree of latitude is equal to 60 Nautical Miles, or 111 Kilometres. We are not Bluffing!

So here in Bluff we enjoy a Temperate Climate, with pleasant summers, and coolish winters. Lying in the Roaring 40s, it can get a bit windy at times (but not as much as Wellington, the Windy City). In fact compared with Invercargill, just a few miles up the road, out climate is quite mild because we sit right on the ocean, with most of the town facing north towards the sun, and sheltered from the south and west by Bluff Hill!

Sir Joseph WardIMG_0234-1

was one of New Zealand’s significant politicians in the 19th and early 20th century. He began his business career in Bluff, and was a Borough Councillor and Mayor, as well as Chairman of the Bluff Harbour Board, before entering national politics, becoming the nation’s 17th Prime Minister, holding that office on two occasions. He is remembered by an impressive statue at the entrance to Bluff, and is buried in the Historic Cemetery in Lagan Street.